Monk: LP Chaem
Temple: Wat Takong
B.E. 2480

PhraKru Wisut Wongsacharn or LP Chaem, Wat Cahlong, Phuket, was a southern greatest Guru who lived a long life between B.E. 2371-2452 and was in a monkhood for 60 years. He was highly respected as a great miraculous Guru who made unconquerable Phayants. LP Chaem’s miraculous power was wellknown to Malaysia’s Penang Buddhists, so he was often invited to Penang to be the ordainer for new monks and the SangKha president for important religious ceremonies.

LP Parn of Wat BangNomkho had traveled to Phuket and paid a visit to LP Chaem at Wat Chalong. The two great Gurus respected ultra Dhamma practices of each other. 

LP Chaem of Wat Takong, Nakonpathom Province, is a greatest WWII-period Guru. LP Chaem made many kinds of amulets, such as medal, Takrud, Phayant, GumanThong, etc. His GumanThong is Thailand’s top one and a rare-to-find item.  
LP Chaem became the second teacher of LP Tae Kong Thong, Wat Sam Ngam, after LP Tha of Wat Paniang Taek, LP Tae’s first teacher, had passed away. LP Tae learned Guman Thong making from LP Chaem.         


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